Strategic Planning

Helping you run your business

As a business owner, you often are required to take multitasking to a whole a new level. You are constantly juggling tasks without having the time to ensure that they are being completed.


Your financial commitments are heavily integrated with one another. Like gears in a machine, they work together to keep the engine going.

Your on-call CFO

SR Management is an affiliated business that provides direct access to the valuable knowledge and expertise of a Chief Financial Officer, who can help manage tasks and coordinate directly with banks, lawyers and other parties. We work to proactively identify any potential issues that could throw a wrench into the machinery. In addition to this, we go above and beyond by seeking out new opportunities to reduce your tax burden.


Working with SR Management gives you access to top level financial planning, expertise and advice. We can help to demystify the processes and procedures so you can avoid waste and unnecessary spending.

Resourceful. Precise. Personalized.

There are no one-size-fits-all templates when it comes to strategic and financial planning. At SR Management, we endeavour to understand your business goals and objectives. This level of familiarity allows us to plan and make recommendations with a level of detail that is simply unavailable from big and impersonal financial offices.


SR Management gives you the opportunity to experience the personal care that you expect from a family office, paired with the proficiency and knowledge of a massive firm.


Whether you need assistance with financial and tax planning, regulatory filings or complete business strategies, consult with the experienced team at SR Management.