Insurance Planning

Solutions for every stage of life

The most predictable aspect of life is its unpredictability. You never know what is coming around the next corner. An otherwise normal day could suddenly veer off course and result in the most unexpected of joys, experiences and friends. Or, that same unpredictability can bring us into the middle of sudden turmoil, illness or injury.

Predictability provides peace of mind

All circumstances of life are neatly intertwined, from your career aspirations, to your unwavering support of your family, to your personal dreams, goals and ambitions. Only a comprehensive insurance program, that takes all factors into consideration, can help you discover protection, assurance and stability.


Over time, the years that you spent investing time, energy, passion and money into building wealth transitions into concern for how that hard-earned wealth can be protected and distributed to your family after you are gone.


We offer knowledgeable advice on which insurance programs can provide the most value and benefit for your unique goals and situation in life. We will work with you to set up buy-sell or key man insurance agreements to give you the peace of mind that your time spent growing the business won’t be in vain.


As you journey through these ever-shifting priorities and experiences of life, know that Smith Rogers Financial is the life insurance broker by your side, ready to offer insurance solutions that provide necessary risk management.

Financial support when you need it most

We all experience adversity or unexpected difficulties from time to time. Your financial advisor can help guide you through the peaks and valleys of life, reducing your risk and helping you to weather every storm that comes your way.


We work closely with our extensive network of partners so that we can carefully identify the best solution to match your needs.


Insurance gives you the stability and certainty you need in order to experience life to the fullest degree, protecting you through every step of your journey.