Mission, Vision, & Values

We strive to add value to our clients lives, by earning their trust and helping them create security through their business and professions for the people that mean the most to them.


We specialize in working with business owners and executives helping them achieve harmony in the work and personal lives.

How do we ensure that we’re providing the best financial advice possible for you, our customer? Simple: We put ourselves in your shoes so that we can understand life from your perspective.


Our goal is to truly understand your wants, needs and challenges. When we are on the same wavelength, then we are able to work together to craft a plan that works for you.


At Smith Rogers, our mission is straight-forward: We will help you simplify your life by giving you the financial advice you need. We make ourselves available as a resource that you can call for reliable and expert support.


Last but certainly not least, our service is all-encompassing; we take the big picture into account and work steadfastly on your behalf to ensure that all items on the list are checked.